Friday, October 15, 2004

Two AIG Executives Guilty

Two AIG executives were arrested yesterday and pleaded guilty in the case. New York-based American International was cited in the Spitzer lawsuit but not named as a defendant.

Two AIG executives pleaded guilty to participating in the illegal conduct and are expected to testify in future cases.


UnknownVariable said...

Kepping it all in the family.

Something I did not know: Maurice "Hank" Greenberg is chairman and chief executive of AIG. His son Jeffrey is chairman and CEO of Marsh & McLennan, while another son, Evan, is president and CEO of ACE.


ALD said...

I didn't know that either until I read it in
the Forbes article I posted on 10/14.

The second half of this Yahoo article explains how that happened to come about.

However, I have since learned from several colleagues who work or have worked at MMC that the relationship between Hank and Jeffrey is not good.