Saturday, October 23, 2004

SOA Education Redesign

The Society of Actuaries (and to a lesser degree the Casualty Actuarial Society) has a byzantine exam process to which I have alluded previously. The current system was implemented on 1.1.2000 and is changing again in phases over the next couple of years. Information on the new design is on the SOA website. The short version is that what's currently Exams 1-4 (preliminary education) is changing on 1.1.2005, and what's currently Exams 5&6 (Associateship education) are ending on November 2005 and May 2006, to be replaced with a series of "e-learning modules" and a "control cycle." (I think they've been talking to professors of education.) The current Fellowship education is changing somewhat less radically than the other levels and will mostly consist of two exams (design & pricing and company/sponsor perspective).

The two most recent documents on this redesign -- Preliminary Education Syllabus Annoucement and Process for Validation by Educational Experience -- were released by the SOA earlier this month.

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