Sunday, October 16, 2011

Society of Actuaries 2011 Annual Meeting (Chicago)

Monday, October 17
Session 8: JRM Section Hot Breakfast –  Emerging Risks
Session 13: Opening General Session
Session 17: Is the Arithmetic Mean of Past Returns the Best Estimate of Expected Return?
Session 32: Investment Risk and Return – Theoretically Related – Empirically Not So Much
Session 41: Improving Liability Benchmarks and Pension Risk Management
Session 52: Update on Pre-Qualification and Continuing Education

Tuesday, October 18
Session 56: Education & Research Section Continental Breakfast
Session 62: The Long Run Volatility of Stocks Might Be Higher Than You Think
Session 81: Systemic Risk – Early Warning Indicators
Session 84: Presidential Luncheon
Session 89: How Regulation of Risk Can Affect Risk
Session 99: Rapid Retirement Research Initiative

Wednesday, October 19
Session 114: Investment Section Hot Breakfast – Statistical Arbitrage Is Not Arbitrage
Session 125: Actuarial Efficiency in Modeling and Valuation
Session 132: Looming Demographic Trends and Their Investment Implications
Session 147: ERM – Challenging Old Paradigms – Considering the Human Element

Note:  I was the pension representative on the annual meeting planning committee this year.

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