Friday, December 12, 2008

Worker, Retiree and Employer Recovery Act of 2008

Was passesd by the House on Wednesday and the Senate yesterday. It is unclear whether Bush will sign it.

The Act
  • Provides that shortfall amortization contributions will be based on a percentage of the funding target. The percentage will be 92% in 2008, 94% in 2009 and 96% in 2010, before reaching 100%. For example, under PPA a plan funded at 90% in 2008 had to establish an shortfall base equal to the entire 10% unfunded. Under the Act, this same plan would establish a shortfall base of only 2%.
  • Permits asset smoothing.
  • Provides that for the first plan year beginning on or after 10/1/2008 the test for the restriction on benefit accruals will be done using the greater of the current year or prior year AFTAP.
  • Clarifies that plan expenses must be included as part of the target normal cost.
  • Clarifies that target normal cost is reduced by the amount of mandatory employee contributions expected to be made during the year.
  • Contains other provisions such as a waiver of age 70-1/2 distributions for 2009 for defined contribution plans, multiemployer funding relief, changes to maximum benefits for small employers and airline specific provisions. In addition, the Act includes some technical corrections.

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