Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hewitt Associates Makes More Changes in Executive Team

Jay Rising is the new president of HRO. He succeeds Julie Gordon, who has served as acting president. He most recently served as president of field operations at RightNow Technologies, a customer experience software company. Prior to that, he spent nearly ten years at ADP.

Julie Gordon was appointed to the new position of president of client & market leadership. In her new role, she will oversee Hewitt's overall client relationship strategy, with particular focus on its largest clients, most of which use both Hewitt's consulting and outsourcing services.

Steven Fein has been appointed to the newly created position of sales and product strategy leader ... Rohail Khan will continue as leader of operations.


Anonymous said...

As a Hewitt employee, I don't understand why the executive team can't understand that the message "nobody at Hewitt can be given these responsible positions so we have to bring in outsiders" isn't well received by its employees.

Anonymous said...

I predict that both Julie Gordon (who has been given a "nothing" job) and Rohail Khan (who now has to share leadership of North American benefits) will be gone within a year.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rising's most recent job at RightNow (a company with 658 employees) lasted only a few months.

Anonymous said...

More ADP'ers. Great!